Social Media Marketing

Why should I use Social Media for my small business? 

Do you know the strengths of social media marketing, but don’t know how to utilize social platforms? You aren’t alone. Out of 97% of small business owners who use social media to promote their brand, 85% don’t know how to use it correctly. When you consider the strengths that social media marketing has to offer, why waste a valuable platform because you don’t understand it? Or if your business has social media accounts, why waste time using it incorrectly?

At Spirit Media Web, we take the spirit of your small business (and your website) and promote it efficiently across every social media platform your audience is using. Don’t worry about the correct way to post on social media, or which tools to use – simply focus on your business, goods and services. Spirit Media will work to get your company noticed.

Our Social Media Packages

  • 12 posts a month
  • 24 posts a month
  • 32 posts a month

Our packages include Facebook and Twitter postings, with an additional fee for Instagram posts. Contact Spirit Media today to learn more about our packages.

Social Media Campaigns 

You can choose Spirit Media for your social media campaigns to promote an event, a new product, or a big giveaway even if we don’t manage your social media accounts. Contact us today to learn more about Spirit Media’s Social Media Campaigns.

Are you interested in higher conversion rates? So are we. Let’s get started! Get a quote.