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5 Powerful Reasons Your Business Should Have a Blog. Today!

By: Ria Rankine

Let’s start things off with a few questions. Are you ready (this isn’t one of the questions)? Let’s go.

  1. Does your small business currently have a blog feature on its website? 
  2. If you have a blog, how often do you update your blog’s content? 
  3. Do you think creating blog articles is a good business strategy? 

We want to hear number three in the comments below! 

In this Spirit Media article, we’ll explain five powerful reasons we believe a blog will benefit your small business. Let the countdown begin.

5. You gain trust from your customers

So many business owners (and even professional bloggers) create a blog post with one thing in mind: Google. They optimize their blog post for keywords, because of Google. They create content on a frequent basis, because of Google.

Is this a bad tactic?

Not necessarily. When you blog, you want to gain the attention of search engine ranking pages, such as Google. Your need to “impress” search engines can become a problem when you neglect to create content for your target audience: current and potential customers.

The result of blogging for search engines can be keyword spammy (not keyword rich) blog articles, and articles that don’t generate buzz from the your clientele. Yes. That’s a problem.

When you write a blog post, think about Google and other search engines. But your primary target should be your customers. 

When you create quality articles on a frequent basis, you gain trust from the people who are interested in what you have to offer. You’re sharing your knowledge for free. You’re educating people for free. When you become a trustful source within your industry, visitors who read your blogs may convert into customers who buy your product.

4. You establish yourself as an industry leader

If you know the ins and outs of your industry, show people your knowledge, and do so often. Don’t rely on your website copy to inspire new business. When you create blog posts, you engage on a more personal level. More importantly, if each of your articles can educate your visitors on different topics related to your industry, you can become an industry leader in their eyes even if your site doesn’t rank high on search engines. If you can use your blog to show that you’re an industry leader, you have a better chance of gaining leads, and leads turn into customers. This is one reason why 60% of businesses that have blogs gain more customers, according to a Hubspot survey.

3. Blogging really is good for search engine optimization 

Remember how I said you should never write blog articles (1) for search engines and then (2) for your customers? This is true: it should always be the other way around. But let’s be honest: SEO should be an important part of your digital marketing efforts, and blogging is a great way to get noticed by search engines. Search engines love to see fresh content, and you probably don’t update your static pages (i.e., homepage) very often.

That’s one reason blogging is so important for SEO. The other reason I want to share is keywords. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and SEO components that once held a lot of weight are getting less attention in Google’s eyes (i.e., meta keywords). To an extent, this is happening to keywords: gone are the days when you can stuff keywords into your blog and expect good results. Google will slap you with a penalty. Instead, you need to focus on unique, relateable keywords that will trigger your article on search engines because of how often searchers use them.

2. When readers comment, you get a prime opportunity to engage

When people comment on your blogs, you get insight into your potential customer’s likes and dislikes. You also get to comment to their responses, and build a community.

1. You create the voice of your company in a way that is shareable

Blogs are shareable. When done correctly, you can add your blog post to every social media platform you use, and share it with your followers. If the article is shareable, your followers will then share your blog post with their followers, and so on and so forth. This shows the beauty of both blogging and social media for small businesses. 

Tell Spirit Media: Do you think creating blog posts is a good business strategy?

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Do you know the importance of blogging, but don’t have the time to write posts? Let Spirit Media help you today. Our team will work with you to create engaging, shareable blog posts to increase website visibility, and brand loyalty. 


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